Phone Application for Investors and Finance.

Phone Application for Investors and Finance.

Phones have made it so easier for effective communication even without seeing the other party, sending messages, pictures and lots more but we fail to realize that our phones can do beyond what we know and how we see it. This article is designed to talk more about applications on our phone for investors and manage our finances for a budget constraint. Investors will find this application so interesting because they can trade virtual portfolios, draw on stock charts, get the real-time streaming price and economic data, and chart Fred data series, all from your smartphone or tablet.

Below are phone application for investors and finance:

I will like to differentiate the application type between finance app and investors.

Finance app: This is majorly our mobile banking application that has made all and sundries have a flexible banking transaction without visiting the bank. I can’t even remember my own account number because I have all the banking application for my account and this made it easier for me to do any banking transaction via my mobile phone and more so these applications are flexible to use and easy to download. Once you have a Google play store on your phone you can do all you need and enjoy the service. Financial application includes

Zenith Bank app performs dual functions which bundle mobile banking and Easy money to enable users to carry out banking transactions with ease and real-time basis. It’s available for iPad, iPhones and Android phones.

Access Bank app is also one of the fasters and reliable app you can trust and you don’t need a high-end phone because the app is available on smartphones (iPhone, Android, Blackberry) as well as Java-enabled phones. Whatever the mobile platform, you can be sure you have access to the services.

First Bank: First Mobile is an official mobile banking smartphone application which provides convenient access to both financial and non-financial transactions by the account holders via their mobile phones/devices and it’s available on all smartphones.

GTBank Mobile App: This helps you carry your bank with you wherever you go. The App allows you perform transactions and manage your bank accounts from your mobile device which is available on all smartphones.

Eco bank Mobile app: Its allow users to enjoy banking services from the comfort of your mobile device. The app provides you with comfort and it’s reliable to manage your account and conduct financial transactions with ease.

Union Mobile: This is available on all devices and allows you carry out the transaction in the comfort of your home.

Diamond Mobile App: This app makes your transactions convenient and reliable for you to bank on the go and access your accounts for various financial transactions and conduct business from the comfort of your phone in a secure, fast and convenient way.

Investors App. This application helps investors to track stock levels investing schedule on the real time basis and portfolio records.

uValue App: This app is available on iPhone and iPad and it is designed by NYU Stern valuation guru Aswath Damodaran, this app lets you do valuation modeling right on your iPad. Six models to work with by inputting the numbers on the application to get started.

NetDania Forex:  This app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android and it is designed to update quote on currency, stock exchange and economic data around the world of stock and investment.

Options Wizard: This app is only available on iPad and it helps to calculate potential profit from strategies investment. It also has the buy and sells tools on the app to see potential gains and losses.

Yochaa App: This app is a tool that helps to monitor stock performance on a delayed real-time basis and it also gives you access to an ocean of stocks to analyze for a better decision and its available on Android, iPad, and iPhones.

Stock Twits App: This app helps us to spot the stock that has been tweeted the most for traded and made available for traded to connect with the social network for more discussion.

Wow, what an article that will expose readers to an application that can that can help you on stock manage finances and make banking easy for you on the goal or real time.

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