Virtual Cards: 7 Smart Things To Know

Virtual cards are electronic pre-paid cards which don’t have any plastic existence and can be used to make e-commerce transactions such as making online payments. This is one of the easy and secure ways of transacting online without providing the Primary Card/ Account information to the merchant. Virtual card can be generated by following simple steps in net banking. Individuals need to provide a debit card or credit card to load the card.

7 Smart Things To Know about Virtual Cards:

1. Using virtual card will reduce your exposure to information regarding your credit card, debit or net banking. As that information is not shared with other parties to avoid being compromised.

2. There is a reduced chance of misuse as the virtual card is valid for 24-48 hours to make payment. If the card is not used, the card will be canceled the amount will be transferred to the account.

3. The card is created after the authentication and successful validation of transaction.

4. The minimum amount to be loaded on the card is $100 and the maximum is  $50,000 for the per transaction for the particular day.

5. The card can be used to make only one payment, either they can use full balance amount or part of it. The remaining amount will be credited to the customer bank account.

6. Make sure the card is used to make for making online payments in the prevailing currency country and on merchant websites that accept “VISA/MasterCard” Debit Cards.

7. When you apply for the card a lien will be marked on the account and debt will take place only when the card is used.

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