Verve card Vs Visa Vs MasterCard:

To start with this cards are all payment network card transaction that connects you to the merchant and your bank but they have differences as to how the transaction is been carried out on the card.

VERVE CARD: This is a Nigerian made a card for market transaction online and also perform cash transaction on ATM,s as well as POS, WEB, MOBILE, all connected to the interswitch network. You can also pay for your PHCN, AIRTIME, QUICKTELLER platform which attracts N100 as the transaction fee.

VISA CARD: This card came of age after bank of American 18 years experiments with credit cards that were re-branded to Visa in 1976. Visa is a popularly traded company in the New York stock exchange following an IPO initial public offer which was traded in 2008 and listed under the stock.

This card is generally acceptable internationally, with a visa card, you can pay for things on US websites like Amazon or china based website like Aliexpress, cash payment, and POS transaction. It is now acceptable on interswitch powered websites like quickteller, jumia, and Konga online transaction.

MASTERCARD: Master card was established in 1966 with its product named master charge. The interbank card in 1979 renamed MasterCard.MasterCard was previously structured as a cooperative owned by over 25 thousand financial institutions. This card is acceptable internationally just like Visa card, it is also acceptable locally on interswitch websites like quick teller, Konga,jumia and international site like amazon and Aliexpress.

Similarities between Visa, Master card, and Verve card

  1. All the cards carry electronic chips.
  2. They all comes with 16 digit card number , validity date and 3 digit CVV code at the back of the card .
  3. They are do cash transaction.

My verdict: They are all really good cards with their own unique perks and limitation therefore you can use any of the cards but your choice will ultimately depend on your preference and life style.

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