How to use your ATM cards to make online payment:

Most Nigerians find it so difficult to use their card for online payment or they just think when you get the card just go online input your pin and it starts working …………….NO doesn’t work that way. Below are guidelines that will help you buy goods online and make swift payment without collecting change.

  1. When you get the ATM card from the bank, visit the ATM stand.
  2. Insert the ATM card.
  3. Select to change PIN it will show you PIN option.
  4. Select the I-PIN
  5. Enter your preferable 4 digit PIN
  6. Confirm the PIN.

The Visa card is now enabled for online use.

Proceed to the payment side:

. Select the items or services you want to pay for.

. Proceed to checkout.

. Always ensure the site is secured with an active HTTPS URL.

. Enter the Visa card details like card number which is the masked PAN, CVV which is the 3 digit number at the back of the card, and personal details were necessary.

. Enter the I-PIN if required.

Confirm your payment and you will automatically be debited while the merchant gets credited.

Kindly note that if the merchant site is paying in other currencies like USD, GBP, EURO, and the bank’s exchange rate will be used which may be a bit higher than naira.

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