Thrivesend: The Cheapest way to Transfer Money to any Bank Account in Nigeria.

This has come to my notice that most of the internet banking in Nigeria charge you as much as 100 Naira or even more when you try to transfer money from your account to other banks in Nigeria. Some third-party platforms like Quickteller and so on.

However, there is a new online platform called Thrivesend that charges the lowest transaction fee of 45 NGN. It even allows you to send money using your International Cards.

See the full details as you read on.

Thrivesend is a swift, secure and easy money transfer solution via your Nigerian issued orInternational ATM Cards to any bank account in Nigeria at a transaction fee of 45 Naira only.



Based on my first experience with the site, I can assure you that Thrivesend has the easiest to use interface so far.
All you need to do to make a swift transfer to any Nigerian bank account is to:
1. Simply log-on to
2. Enter the amount you wish to send.
3. Fill in your E-mail address and the bank account number plus Bank name of the recipient. (Click Next)!
4. Enter your debit card details to move to the next stage where your BVN number will be requested.
5. Validate the transaction with your OTP or hardware token to complete the transaction.
6. Voila! You have successfully completed a transaction. Your account will then be debited and the beneficiary will be credited accordingly.

Benefits of Using Thrivesend  


  • It is fast, safe and secure. No need to setup an account.
  • It charges the lowest transaction fee of 45 Naira per transaction.
  • You can send as low as 500 Naira.
  • Any Bank Card is allowed; both International and local.


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