Smart Tips To Set Your Internet Banking Passwords:

This post will help Individuals who are internet banking users should make sure they use the strong password and it is suggested that password should be changed at regular intervals to avoid being compromised. Individuals having multiple bank accounts should avoid using the same password for different accounts. For bank customers, creating a strong bank password seems like a daunting task.

Here are some simple tips to consider for setting a secure internet banking password:

Unique Characters:  It is suggested that the password should have at least 8 different characters. Repeated characters can make for hackers easier to crack. Use characters such as !,@, #,$, %, ^, &,* (, ) in your passwords.

Character Types:  Customers are advised that their password must have characters from at least three different character types -upper case, lower case, digits, punctuation, etc

Long Alpha Sequences and Long Digit Sequences: The strong password must not have an alphabetic sequence any longer than three characters and digit sequence any longer than two characters.

Forbidden Characters: Bank has asked customers to avoid few characters as that can cause problems if used in a password – the “delete” character is one of the words.

Avoid using the following passwords: Dictionary words which includes foreign and technical dictionaries Name of a person or a thing, a place, a proper noun, a phone number or a vehicle number Simple pattern of letters on keyboards Any of the above reversed or concatenated Do not use the same password for which you use to log in your system or e-mail.

How to keep your password protected? Never share your passwords with anyone or write the same.  Do not store passwords in a file on any computer system  Change passwords at least once every 90 days. Do not click on “remember password” for any banking transaction Enable banks SMS based One Time Password.

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