Personal and Business Travel Allowance (PTA/BTA).

This is allowable travel allowance by Central Bank of Nigeria to any Nigerian traveling on vacation or business outside the country. US$4000 is allowed on a quarterly basis for Personal Travel Allowance while US$5000 is allowed on a quarterly basis for Business Travel Allowance.

With the increase in the existing limit on Naira Debit and Credit cards (MasterCard and Visa) usage from $40,000 to $150,000 per annum subject to monthly returns to CBN. Customers who wish to access PTA/BTA must not have Naira Debit / Credit (MasterCard and VISA)

First Travel Card:

To afford convenience for customers, Personal/Business Travel Allowance (PTA/BTA) can now be availed through e-card in addition to the cash option.


Individual/organization are entitled to PTA/BTA once every quarter.

Maximum entitlement per Quarter PTA: $4,000; BTA: $5,000.

It is a prepaid Visa Card.

Funds can be transferred from the Customers Domiciliary Account to load the card with additional foreign exchange foreign exchange.

You earn 1% flat as Income on every Transaction.

Requirements to apply for both PTA and BTA. 


Valid international Passport with Visa.

Return airfare ticket (reserved tickets not allowed). One-way ticket allowed only on condition.

Duly completed application form.


Letter of Nomination on the company letterhead. Certificate of the Business registration/Incorporation Include features under PTA Include features under PTA

Certificate of the Business registration/Incorporation. Include features under PTA Include features under PTA

Include features under PTA.

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