How to use POS to make Payment.

Many people find it difficult to use POS to make payment after purchase rather they prefer to go to the ATM machine withdraw the cash before going to make a purchase. This post will guide you on how to use your card step by step without stress and without collecting change.

  1. Present your card for payment: Ensure you have your debit card with you to make a purchase. Once the salesperson has rung your items or service through, you will be asked mode of payment then present your debit card to the merchant person.
  2. Swipe your card through the point of sale machine: Most salesperson will like to take your card from you swipe it through the machine to process the transaction. If your debit card has a chip on one side, you will need to insert your card into the bottom gap in the POS machine for the duration of the transaction to process then wait for the machine to prompt you when to remove the card at the end of the transaction.
  3. Select the debit payment option: once you have swiped or inserted your debit card, you will be prompted by the machine to select either debit or credit option. You will need to select the debit card to continue the process of payment. Most POS will automatically take you to approve transaction without selecting either debit or credit card option.
  4. Approve transaction: The POS machine will prompt you to approve the transaction to ensure correctness of the amount been charged if correct choose the approve button on the POS machine.
  5. Choose the bank account for the transaction: Most POS machine will require you to select the type of account to use for the transaction in which you have 2 options: checking or savings account, just select the bank account that has the money you would like to make the payment for the transaction process and proceed.
  6. Enter your 4 digit PIN: The POS machine will proceed by asking you to input your 4 digit PIN to help confirm the transaction process ensure you input the PIN correctly to avoid transaction decline.
  7. Approval notice: Once you have entered the correct PIN the POS machine will process the transaction and your bank will be triggered to debit your account and credit the merchant account while you wait for confirmation receipt to end the transaction.

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