How to do transfer from your bank to other bank across counter.

This has come to my noticed that some customers still do transfer across the counter due to network challenges using their phones for online transfer or any other transfer error. here are steps for transfer across the counter.

Walk into the banking hall, filled the transfer form either the same bank or different banks but remember that for the different bank you will be charged in respect to the amount.

E.g. amount from N500, 000 below you will be charged N105 but for same bank it’s free

Don’t forget to detailed the receiver information which includes bank name , bank account number , full name , address of the receiver and the sender information which is also bank name , bank account number , sending amount , date of transaction , purpose of transaction , and signature which is very important because without that, the transaction cannot be done . This process takes like an hour to be treated that is why most people prefer mobile and other means of transfer.

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