First Bank Sacks Thousands of Staff over Night…

This has come to my notice that thousands of staff of First Bank of Nigeria through its affiliate contracting firm in charge of recruitment, WhyteCleon Limited, are been laid-off drastically.

According to reports, the bank, which began the discreet sack action in August, in virtually all the branches nationwide, targets mostly contract staff that had spent nine years with the bank, the employees were said to have initially got their dismissal notification via text messages especially on Fridays, usually after 8pm when the staff had left for home without prior notification or any signs of this dismissal.

This was even as the bank has clarified that it does not owe contract staff any obligations outside the terms that guide the employment of contract staff. But WhyteCleon, said in a statement said “the decision to withdraw the services of our employees was communicated to them both verbally and formally in compliance with the conditions of service of engagements.

“In global human resource outsourcing practice, employees can be withdrawn from an organization, deployed to other organizations and/or may be replaced with other employees as the case may be.”

The affected workers, reported to be more than 1,000, cutting across branches of the bank throughout the country have dismissed the reasons given and some reasons were not given while criticizing the process as defying due process and acceptable labour practice globally.

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