How To Block A Lost Debit Card?

Many individuals have fall victims of this before on how to block their debit cards or credit cards due to lack of information but today is writing this article for more knowledge and exposure to as when such incident occurs again. It becomes increasingly difficult to imagine life without a debit or a credit card for a few days. It can be agonizing if we have misplaced these cards. But, in case we have, we must be swift to block the debit card, so as to ensure that they are not misused by people.

There are different ways through which you can block your card.

Net Banking:
This is one of the simplest ways to which you can block your debit and credit cards which are linked to your savings account. Individuals have to just login to net banking and follow the simple procedure.
The process hardly takes time and can be done within minutes. Of course, you must have access to the net, in order to complete the transaction and successfully block your debit and credit cards.
Phone Banking:
When there is no internet around, one can call phone banking of the respective bank to block the card.
To block the card, individuals should be able to provide the answer correctly such as DOB, Maiden name, last transaction done on the account, bank name, and type of card to enable the bank to make a swift attempt as to block the card to avoid been compromised by fraudulent ones. that is why it is always good to have your bank contact center number in case of a situation like this you can read through one of my posts where I wrote the list of all banks contact center and addresses for future purpose.
Most Banks have come up with this facility for account holders for blocking their State Bank ATM debit card through SMS.
Individuals can send SMS from their registered mobile number to their account using the format below
BLOCKXXXX to 567676
On acceptance of the request for blocking, the Cardholder shall get a confirmatory SMS alert with a ticket number, date and time of blocking.
Visiting Branch:
Individuals can visit the nearest branch and inform about the card. The Bank will cancel the old card and arrange to issue you a new card on your request.

Note that many banks do charge an amount for new debit card request.
Once you block and apply for the fresh card, it will take 2-4 days depending on the bank to get the new card.
Toll-free numbers to block your card will be mentioned on the bank website.
Only net banking registered customers can block the debit card online.
My Verdict:
It is important that you take immediate steps to block your debit card, once you realize that the same has been misplaced or lost. This is large to avoid the card landing in wrong hands. It is is very important to use any of the above avenues for blocking the card and safeguard your funds and personal information.For any questions please call: 08093026880 or send mail to

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