5 Ways to Link your BVN to your GTBank Account.

This post came to my knowledge when I went to GTBank on Thursday to collect a new ATM card since my previous card had expired. I saw an old friend standing in the queue and we greeted and I asked him what was his complaint and he told me he want to link his BVN to his account and he has been standing here for about 45minutes. I quickly set aside to meet with a customer care asked of this ways and posted on my blog and I told him that when next he will have a banking challenge he should visit this blog for more details. this post has reduced the hours or time wasted on queue just because you want to link your BVN to your account.

The process of linking your BVN to other Nigerian accounts can prove to be tedious but GTBank has provided multiple channels to ease the BVN linking process. Customers can now link their Bank Verification Number (BVN) obtained from any other Nigerian Bank to their GTBank account without visiting a GTBank branch via Internet Banking platform, the Bank’s Corporate website, SMS, 737 BVN linker or any GTBank ATM nationwide.

1. BVN Linking Process via Internet Banking:

Log on to Internet Banking.

Select BVN Linker from the left-hand panel.

Click on New Request.

From the drop down menu, insert your Bank Verification Number.

Select the Nigerian Bank where your BVN was Issued.

Answer your Secret Question and continue.

2. BVN Linking Process via the BVN Portal on the Website:

Input your GTBank Nuban and click Verify Account Number.

Select the Nigerian Bank where your BVN was Issued.

Input the BVN number obtained from another Nigeria Bank.

Click on Submit.

3. BVN Linking Process via ATMs:

Insert GTBank ATM Card.

Select BVN Link on the transaction menu screen.

Enter your 11-Digit BVN.

Confirm your BVN details.

Submit your BVN.

4. BVN Linking Process via SMS:

  • To link your BVN via SMS, simply text your BVN details to 08076665555

E.g. BVN <01234567890> to 08076665555.

5. BVN Linking Process via 737 BVN Linker:

  • To link your BVN via 737, simply dial *737*20*BVN#.


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